Friday, August 12, 2011

Eight More Days....

Sherburne Hall, the tallest dormitory hall at St. Cloud State University. Featuring 13 floors with a lounge area on the main floor and a kitchen and laundry room in the basement. Every even numbered floor alternates between male and female, with the odd numbered floors being co-ed.  This particular hall is also connected to Garvey Commons, the university cafeteria.

This is the hall I will be living in eight days from now. I will be on the 8th floor in room 808. In eight days I will be arriving at 8 am to move my stuff into my new home away from home. At least for this year.

I'll admit. I'm nervous as hell. So nervous I'm even suffering a mild panic attack. I'm nauseous and having trouble breathing. This is the part where I admit I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. Which actually explains my dread concerning Move-In Day. All those people, all that chaos and noise - it'll be a true miracle if I don't nosedive straight into a faint.

The only thing keeping me from totally freaking out? This blog and knowing I can put my true thoughts in here and just vent. That and making sure I have a complete list of all the things I'm packing. There'd be nothing worse than hitting I-94 and realizing I forgot something vital.

In the meantime though, I intend to relax as much as possible. I'll probably keep reading in my Evolutionary Witchcraft book from the library (it's so amazing once I get cash I'm gonna buy it!), drink a lot of green tea, and possibly skim back through the Common Read book that SCSU gave me. Aside from that, I have only to wait.

And I hate waiting.

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