Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dorm Decor

I think one of the major concerns of students moving into dorms, especially for girls, is how to decorate an otherwise drab and ugly room. You honestly can't do too much to it without the Residence Hall freaking out - can't paint the walls or use nails/tacks, can't really move the furniture around, and they're even a bit picky on the use of tape.

Well, that's my university anyways. Others might have more leeway for decorating and customizing. But basically, you're left with very little to do . It all comes down to bedding mostly. 

So, how does a spooky girl like myself go about finding just the right things to give her room that extra gloomy pizzazz? 

xhilaration twix/xl comforter set

First things first, I found myself a nice comforter set. I wanted something black and white and kind of basic, that way I could work my favorite color (purple) in as an accent color. I was delighted to find this busy black and white floral print comforter at Target for $35. 

purple xl twin sheet set 

Next, I headed over to Walmart and to my utter surprise, they had a whole slew of purple dorm essentials. So I picked up this set of XL twin sheets for under $10. Amazing.

purple shower caddy

I also picked up a purple shower caddy while I was there and a matching purple towel. Since I was running low on bathroom essentials, I also got a new pack of purple razors, a mouthwash that is purple, and some toothpaste. Which is not, sadly, purple.

Pro-Health Mouthwash. Oh yeah...

So after bedding and such, then what? This is what:

These adorable little shelves started off cream and light blue. I took out my handy can of spray paint and fixed them up. Now they're the perfect thing to adhere (carefully) to the wall above my bed. After that, I've found myself a theme. I suppose I would call it a somewhat Neo-Victorian/Elegant Goth theme. Of course, I'm still going to add in my more witchy decor - black cat candle holder (for a battery operated candle, relax!), my little tombstone pieces, and my glow in the dark skeleton named Victor. 

So, Doomcookies and Jellyspoons, what do you plan to decorate your dorm room with? 

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