Thursday, August 18, 2011


Followers....oh followers! Where art thou?

Seriously, twelve of you and not a single comment or suggestion for my blog. I know some of you might have tracked me down through Facebook. Others through my shameless self-promoting. Maybe a few stumbled in here by accident.

Regardless, you're here now and I want to make sure this blog stays interesting to you and you don't abandon me.

So tell me, what do you wish to see of a Goth college blogger?


  1. I'm having self a bit of a blogblock so I can't help you out with topics (yet). But I wanted to say hello already! ^^

  2. I'm over here! I'm just busy with studying for exams :(
    I read all your stuff, just didn't have the time to comment all of it... And I know how irritating is it to not get comments! Sorrysorrysorry!

    Kisses from a fellow student-goth blogger, and keep it up. I'd love to read all of your college adventures! Xxx

  3. Aww thanks guys for your comments. It helps to know some people are actually reading!