Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mainstreet Event on Campus

Today, (Wednesday, August 31st - for those of you less time conscious) my campus held an event called Mainstreet. This event is for all the campus clubs and organizations to set up tables and exhibit/sell themselves basically. It started at 11 am, just after my first class so before moseying on down there, I stopped in my room to grab my camera.

You see the all the red and black tables, kind of? Well, you can see the red tent anyways....that's Mainstreet. The radio station KCLD was out there and the DJ could be heard interviewing random passerby from my window. Kind of annoying, actually.

Let's get a closer look though, shall we:

My first stop was actually the Women's Center. I had a look around their table, read their info, and moved on. Too many people crowding them anyways....

Passed by International Studies. I'll have to make a mental note to chat them up later on in my college career, when I'm getting read to Study Abroad in Japan.

Coexist. I talked to this guy for a bit and they're a really cool group. All about religious expression but also tolerance. They didn't really like that preacher guy we had yesterday....

Cultural clubs! Fun stuff, though I don't really fit it in with any of those.....

This girl must have been part of a Japanese group. I saw her getting her kimono/yukata situated in Atwood's bathroom earlier. So cute! >_<

Drama in Action! That's the group my math acquaintance Katie was telling me about. Here's one of her co-members dresses as a magician. I must say, I adore the hat....

And Katie herself, dressed in a fuzzy pink cloak. How cozy.

I might have approached the Creative Writing table, but the girl sitting there looked SO forlorn and unfriendly. I didn't want to risk it, heh.

I've spotted it! The elusive creature in blue known as the Pagan Alliance! I stopped to chat with them for a bit, signed up for the group, and them went along my merry way.

Around to the other side of Atwood now...lots more stuff over here.

You know, I already have an account with Wells Fargo but I couldn't resist spinning their giveaway wheel. What luck, I got some free chapstick!

There was a TON of stuff going on here that I missed because of classes....

One of them being the drag show...see that guy (yes, guy) in the brown wig and tube top? He was going to be part of it. Very sad that I had to miss that.

Since I picked up some brochures for the BioLife Plasma Donation center, I also stopped at Metro Bus' so I could figure out how the hell to get there, haha!

In the end, that's all I had time for. Off to class!

A look at my goodies.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Redundancy? I'll pass, thanks.

Today, in my COLL 110 class we're meeting in the lab for a D2L demonstration. That's pretty much the whole class. Well I think there's going to be a Multiple Intelligences test too, but I can take that on D2L - from my room.

I know how to use D2L. My math teacher gave us a brief demonstration last Monday. My COLL 150 professor walked us through it and answered questions last Thursday. I think I'm pretty much set. So today's class period for COLL 110 is redundant and pointless.

I'm not going.

This gives me time to fit in some readings for CMST and East Asia, and to complete my notes for both of those classes. Much, much more important in my book.


Anyone else ever skip a pointless class session?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lucky Number 13

Well, I officially have 13 followers now. Thanks, guys!~ ^_^

Photo courtesy of Google

I'm back home in Buffalo for the weekend, so tonight I plan to relax and just enjoy being home. Earlier today I went to the Minnesota State Fair with my boyfriend and his mom. It could have gone a LOT better. It was hot and humid, there were WAY too many people, and the whole affair felt so rushed that I missed out on a lot of stuff.

Hopefully, I can talk Chris into taking me next weekend and we can make a date out of it and do it properly. There are so many crazy food-on-a-stick things I want to try and I really want to make it fun for Chris, since I could tell he didn't enjoy it much. I feel that was partially my fault and I need to make it up to him.

Then I'll have a bit of a break until the weekend of October 1-2 (which incidentally is my birthday) - when I'll be going to the Ren Faire for the Shamrock and Shenanigans event. Totally cool that I get to do that one on my birthday; I love Irish culture and mythology. I'm also 25% Irish. ^_^

I just have to survive the weeks of classes and idiot hall-mates in between. It's okay though. It could be a lot worse. I just have to focus on my goals and stick to the plan.

Wishing the rest of you a great weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maybe I'm taking this too personally but....

But I'm really pissed off right now. I just got out of my COLL 150 class (one of these basic freshman orientation type courses we're all required to take) and today it was a "Get to know your fellow Students" period. We played this game called Fortune Cookie. Basically, you write out some kind of silly fortune or prediction on the piece of paper and fold it up. The instructor then collects them all, redistributes them and you get to say your name and read off whatever fortune you got back, plus what you'd do about it.

I swear, I wrote something harmless. Maybe a little traditionally Buddhist, because hey - fortune cookies are associated with crappy Chinese buffets. So sue me.

The fortune I got back, however, was something decidedly spiteful and possibly aimed at me, even it it wasn't that person's intention for me to read it myself.

"Your hair will turn red and you will become a ginger. Also, you will work for the devil because you are his spawn."

So basically, here's me sitting at the table, with my red hair - yes, and my trusty pentacle clasped securely around my neck. I'm reading this thinking...Oh god. I don't even know these people. They don't know me. So....why? It's like fucking high school all over again. Grow up you fucking dweebs, it's time to become tolerant and respectful adults. But I guess maybe it's a little too early for these dumb shits.

Maybe college was a bad idea.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So I have a confession....

There's only been one day so far I've worn black in college. That was during Orientation, before classes even started. Okay, I admit it. I'm a coward. I'm kind of afraid to go all out with my fashion choices here on campus. I've had a GOOD look at what kind of people I'm dealing with. Blonde bimbos and jocks/bros mostly. I've only met and hung out with like two people who are semi-zany and crazy like me.

I've got this itch to throw something black, lacy, and ripped on. I want to parade about looking scary as hell. I want to FUCKING EXPRESS MYSELF. But like I said, I'm a coward. I'm not so much afraid of the reactions I'll get but that this will end up affecting my performance in class if my classmates won't communicate with me.

I know college is "supposed" to be more liberal and laid back but so far that's not what I'm experiencing. It feels pretty rigid and h i g h s c h o o l like. Which is actually really hard for me to deal with since I've been out of school for so long. I forgot how naive and clique-y people this age could be.

But I'm going to start regardless. I'm going to ease in, I think. Wearing more and more black, darker makeup, accessories, crazy hair, etc. I'll work it in slowly until I feel comfortable and they're reasonably accustomed.

I can't wait to see what reactions I'll get to Lolita.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Second Day of Classes

Last night, I was woken up by a raging thunderstorm. Up on the 8th floor, you see all the lightning and hear all the thunder. That shit sucked. I did not want to be woken up after 3 am when I had a class at 8 am. Sucked, I tell ya.

Anyways, it was remarkably hard to get up for the stupid 8 am course. It's called Critical Reasoning and I hate it. Which is too bad, I was hoping I wouldn't have any despicable classes this semester. Rawr.

My other one is Discovering College. Basic for all college freshman. No problem.

Still, I officially like my M/W/F classes best.

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of Classes

Outfit for the day, consisting of black pencil skirt, black jacket, and floral undershirt.

So, while it's not yet over, my first day of classes went pretty well. I attended Math at 10:00 am, COLL 110 at 12:00pm and then Comm. Studies at 1:00. My last class tonight is in an hour, Intro to East Asia. 

At this point, I'm really happy with my professors. I adore my Math professor since she's a really nice woman, very compassionate towards those of us who identify as number dyslexic, and I hung out with her on Advising Day. She remembered me too! 

I'm a little iffy on my COLL 110 teacher though. He seems nice enough but probably not a guy I'll really connect with. Still, if I do all the appropriate work for his class it should be fine. 

I thought I was going to hate CMST. I'd heard it was a "speech" class, but public speaking is one of those things I need to deal with, especially for when I become a teacher in Japan. I think the content taught in that class will be useful to me. That, and the professor is a hoot. I really like her! 

My last class of the day will be 3 hours long. I know right?!! I have a coffee from Caribou in front of me right now and I'm going to snack on the last of my cookies before I head over. But I've got an hour so it's all good.

I'm sure by this point you're bored to tears with all this class mumbo jumbo, so how about I give you some pics I took on my walk to my first class this morning:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Move-In Day and Orientation: Part Two (revised)

So, if you'll refer to my previous post (here) you'll note that my Orientation started off pretty rocky. I guess a lot of that was my own fault, for not finding a proper outlet for my stress and anxiety. After I had a good cry session while chatting with Mom and Chris on Facebook, I turned the TV on and watched Titanic. The movie itself is kind of crap, but I ADORE the fashion! I'm such a sucker for anything Victorian and Edwardian inspired.

I started to feel better, especially after talking some more with people in my dormitory. There are a couple of girls upstairs that say I'm welcome to pop up anytime, so maybe I will. A sophomore, Jordan, popped in earlier today as well and introduced herself. She'd just moved it. See, now if I hadn't taken a leap of faith and left my door open, I never would have met her either.

An old friend from high school is back on campus too, so I may meet up with her sometime. And I know a few other people who are probably willing to come hang out in my dorm. So it's not SO bad, lol.

I'm glad I got my little emotional bubble out of the way now. This way I can focus on getting ready for classes and making the most of my time here.

I'll be sure to take lots of photos tomorrow though, okay! Then you guys can see where all my classes are!

p.s. I downloaded a couple of Goth Rock albums so I'll be putting those on my MP3 player. Then I'll have great tunes to carry me from class to class!

Move-In Day and Orientation: Part Two

I had really high expectations for this place. Truly. But I guess that's my problem. My problem is also dealing with students who are 18 - 19 tops - when I'm 23. People who spend all the time on their smart-phones, talking about how fake everyone ELSE is, and like, oh my god, how much classes are going to suck.

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was dealing with all of Orientation. It was highly unpleasant and I was bored. I had no one of substance to talk to. I'm still tired, since I didn't sleep well last night, and I was pretty cranky once my feet started to blister.

So I do sincerely apologize for not providing any sparkling campus photos today. I'm just not in the mood. Hopefully after a week of classes things will start to look up.

Until then, I'm just gonna chat online with my mom (because our phone line is broken) and cry some more.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Move-In Day and Orientation: Part 1

So I awoke around 5:30 am to get ready for this whole move-in fiasco. Chris headed home to take a shower and I indulged in one myself. Then I got dressed, spookily, I might add, and piled myself into the vehicle. Then began the long trek to St. Cloud (just kidding, it's like 30 miles) and the rest can be told in photos!

Leaving Buffalo, Mn.

Good morning! Ugh.

I wonder if this Walgreens will be finished by my first semester break or not?

Highway 25, the middle of nowhere.

Best seen early morning, pretty clouds!

Onto I-94. The guy in front of us on the right is from Nova Scotia. ^_^

I'm scandalized! This is supposed to be a walkway! No cars allowed!

I see it now! My new home away from home. Tallest dorm hall on campus.

Before Photos! ^

After photos! ^

What a lovely little Japanese garden.

Oh. My. God. FISHIES!!!

Outdoor picnic thingy. Lots of tables.

You are here.

This is a bus stop. Do I really need to keep narrating this?

Look. My boyfriend's hand. Isn't it handsome?

The most unappetizing picnic food ever. What were they thinking?!

Back in the room. Setting up cable and relaxing.

That's all for tonight, kids!