Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome to Spooky University

Greetings Doomcookies and Jellyspoons...

You may call me the Rozemaiden. This is the Spooky University, a blog chronicling the journey of a 23 year old college freshman, who happens to be quite eccentric and is utterly convinced she's going to scare the wits out of her peers this year.

In other words, that would be me. But why call my blog "Spooky University" in the first place? Well, mostly because I'm a rather spooky individual. I don't define myself as solely being Goth, Punk, Emo, or any other alternative subculture. I'm just....eccentric. Darkly so. But I'm hoping that all kinds of people, especially those of the alternative persuasion, will find my blog interesting and in some cases, useful.

Yes, I'm 23 years old. This classes me as an "un-traditional" student. But there are lots of un-traditional things about me. My preferred wardrobe color is black. I'm fond of lace and ruffles and biker boots. I adore cult classic horror films and I think my dream date is Beetlejuice. I'm a practicing witch, which is very spooky to most people. I'm well-read and a grammar nazi, which most people find scary because a quality education apparently doesn't really exist anymore.

So I'm entering university, in all my un-traditionalism, on August 20th of this year. SCSU, be prepared!

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