Thursday, July 28, 2011

Website Review: College-Freshman

Today I'll be doing a review of this website, College-Freshman. It's supposed to be a comprehensive guide to getting incoming college freshman through their first year. With tons of tips on what to bring to college, how to prepare for studying and classes, this website could be very interesting to peruse. So here I go!

Tips for Soon To Be College Freshman

Current seniors in high school will be becoming college freshman this summer.

So basically, their first mistake is assuming that all incoming college freshman are still kids or fresh out of high school. Already, I feel excluded from a good chunk of the information here. But I'll keep reading on to see if I can find anything useful.

College is what you make of it, and starting out making the right decisions is the best way lay the foundation of great college career.

Well no kidding! Up until this point, it's sounding okay. Then I look down and see the link list they have underneath this:

Really? Be the most popular freshman at college? This isn't high school! This isn't a catwalk or a television drama. You're going to college to get an education, not play that old game again. *The Rozemaiden takes some deep and calming breaths here*

Well, let's click on the first link and see what they have to tell me about preparing BEFORE college. 

1. Don't miss orientation.
2. Contact your roommate.
3. Figure out what to bring (using their checklist of course)
4. Get in shape....
5. Save your money.
6. Forget your car.

Okay, let's see. They had some great information concerning Orientation. And yes, it's important to contact your roommate if you've been assigned one. I haven't yet, so I really have no idea what kind of person I'll be rooming with. 

Under Figure Out What to Bring, I read this:

Trying to figure out what to bring from your oversized room in your parents house to your new cramped dorm room will be tough.

Again, they assume all freshman are still kids living at home. On top of that, they assume we have gigantic bedrooms. Dear, I live in a trailer park. I understand small. 

The rest of the information here about saving money and leaving your car at home are smart ones, but the Get in Shape part really threw me off:

Now is your opportunity to get in the best shape of your life, and have one of the hottest body's on campus. Try to eat right and work out regularly so you are in top shape for your first appearance at college. Note: if you are attending a school in a warmer climate, this goes double for you. Most schools have warm temperatures during at least the first few weeks of school. Girls will lay out in bikinis to get sun, guys will play basketball and volleyball (if available) and most people will be showing lots of skin. Being in shape will put you at an advantage for meeting people on warm sunny days.

Again, hello you're there to get an education. It's not a popularity contest and you don't want to be thought of as that airhead slut in a bikini with no brains. People aren't going to respect that, they're going to wonder why you're wasting your time there. 

The only reason I think one should get in shape at all is to prepare themselves for making mad dashes across campus in order to get to class on time.....

The page about what to bring to college was remarkably lackluster and I'm not even going to bother reviewing it. You can find better information elsewhere.

Now here's the fun part: how to be the most popular freshman on campus. Let's dig into this one shall we?

Remarkably they don't do too horribly with this one. They still assume that up to this point, no one's ever lived away from home or done anything on their own. They assume this will be a college freshman's first unsupervised adventure and that all high school seniors were controlled by their parents. Lame.

After that, they make a very good point. That going to college is a chance to start fresh. No one knows you or your past or your reputation. You have a clean slate and can make of it whatever you want. They tell you to make friends and get to know people by being social, confident, and friendly. Good advice.

There are a lot more pages on this website with good information, but overall I rate this site 3/5 for making silly assumptions and assuming all colleges are the same.

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